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Coal Fires in India

The Jharia Coalfield (JCF) is located in the Dhanbad district of the state of Bihar and is named after the main mining area of Jharia (see location map). It is situated at the heart of the Damodar river valley and is about 250 km NW of Calcutta and about 1150 km SE of Delhi. The JCF is confined between latitudes 23°38' N and 23°50' N and longitudes 86°07' E and 86°30' E. The maximum extent of the coalfield is about 38 km from East to West and 19 km from North to South.

I carried out my doctoral research in the JCF (see PhD thesis abstract) and used Remote Sensing and GIS techniques for studying typical problems associated with a coal mining area. My research results are well documented in my publications. Following are some of the outputs I generated: