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Alaska: A Bird's Eye View

   This is a modest compilation of web based resources on topics and themes closely related to this web site.

Remote sensing based stories for K-12
The Adventures of Echo the Bat
The Adventures of Amelia the Pigeon

For kids only
Earth Science Enterprise
The GLOBE Program

Tutorials on satellite remote sensing
The Remote Sensing Tutorial
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing (CCRS)

Remote sensing satellites
NASA Landsat7 homepage
NOAA homepage

Remote sensing in Alaska
Geophysical Institute Remote Sensing Group
Alaska Satellite Facility
International Observatory of the North

More about Alaska
Alaska Kids Page
State of Alaska Visitor Information
Alaska Native Heritage Center

Alaska Volcano Observatory
Volcano World at University of North Dakota

Global warming
Global Warming Kids Site
Climate Change and Global Warming

• Kelly, B.P. (2001). Climate change and ice breeding pinnipeds. "Fingerprints" of Climate Change, pp 43-55.
Walrus Research for Kids

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