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Alaska: A Bird's Eye View

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A Bird's Eye View:
   Main Page
   Text only version

   Chapter 1: Introduction
      Meet Tutangiaq
      Alaska: The 49th state
         The real Alaska
      How Tutangiaq got his name
         Languages around Alaska
      Explore Alaska
         Alaska mosaic explanation

   Chapter 2: The Last Frontier
      Introduction screen
      The Alaska Purchase
         Alaska Purchase check
      Points of interest around the state - (FCC info)
         Anchorage - (image explanation)
         Barrow - (image explanation)
         Denali National Park - (image explanation)
         Fairbanks - (image explanation)
         Juneau - (image explanation
         Prudhoe Bay - (image explanation)
      Alaska is so big!
      Tutangiaq's migration path

   Chapter 3: Ring of Fire
      Introduction screen
      Ring of fire around the Pacific
      Volcanoes in Alaska
      Remote sensing of Alaskan volcanoes
         Kilometers to miles converter
      Hot spot detection
      Erupting volcano
      Satellite's view of eruption
         Ash and Aviation

      Plume modeling
      Moving on

   Chapter 4: Moving Ice Edge
      Introduction screen
      Sea ice

      Seasonal sea ice changes
      How do sea ice changes affect wildlife?
      Changes in sea ice over the years
      Recognizing ice and water
      Ice edge and the continental shelf
         Ocean Regions
      Tutangiaq consoles the Walrus
      Tutangiaq shivering

   Chapter 5: The Golden Heart City
      Introduction screen
      Looking at Fairbanks from above
         West Fairbanks city map
      University of Alaska Fairbanks
      Searching for Creamer's Field
         Fairbanks city map
      Tutangiaq reunited with his family
      The end

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