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Faculty teaching post-secondary courses in remote sensing, can use one or more of the case studies as:

  • Examples to demonstrate the applications of remote sensing
  • Lab exercises for individual students to carry out
  • Homework assignments for students to complete and later discuss in class
  • Testing and training data sets to use other commercial and free software packages
  • Starting ideas for more elaborate research projects
  • Examples to create their own curricular material

Semi-detailed instructions for image processing and data analyses for the case studies are provided for specific commercial software packages such as Erdas Imagine 9.0 and ArcGIS 9.0. However, instructors who are more familiar with use of other image processing and GIS software packages can easily adapt the instructions to their liking.

Faculty may want to provide the students with copies of some of the references as a prior reading assignment.

Students can use one or more of the case studies:

  • To learn more about remote sensing in the Polar Regions
  • As ideas for class/research projects for themselves
  • To gain more hands-on experience in remote sensing data processing
  • To follow the same processing strategy in a different study area

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