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Teaching and Learning Geoscience: What EDGE teachers have to say

Teachers Outdoor
“A completely different approach for me to use in teaching real life math and analytical skills.”

“When students know they are going to publish/ present their work to help implement change or inform the community, their efforts are increased.”

“More of our science teaching … should be done outdoors or at least with a local reference point, or some common experiences.”

Technology Use: What EDGE teachers have to say

Teachers Using PDA technology
“I feel that I more than doubled my computer skills during this workshop. The equipment allows me to share that with students.”

“I want to use more technology in all of my classes.”

“My final project provided me with a framework for doing GIS-based science in the classroom: framing a research question, earth measurement, data logging, using Excel, spatial analysis in ArcGIS, and science presentations.”

Other EDGE evaluation and assessment tools:

  • Pre-workshop survey for teachers (PDF 295K)
  • Pre-workshop quiz for high school students (PDF 32K)
  • Post-workshop quiz for teachers (PDF 22K)
  • Post-workshop quiz for middle school students (PDF 54K)
  • Science technology survey for students (PDF 46K)