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Summer Workshop

Summer Workshop for Teachers (Two weeks: June)

  • This two week workshop provides 3 lower division college credits
  • Course number/Title is: ED593-J18: ST: GIS/GPS Essentials for EDGE Project
  • It has an Earth system science field component and a GIS lab component
  • Field work involves observing and understanding glacial, fluvial, mass movement, and coastal processes; training in recording field observations; and special focus on using Global Positioning System (GPS) units.
  • GIS lab component involves lectures on concepts of GIS; hands-on experience in importing field data into a GIS; integrating raster and vector data; spatial analysis; and generating a final map product.

The summer workshop

  • Establishes a partnership between school teachers and University researchers
  • Builds a cohort of teachers with a common network
  • Prepares the teachers for receiving more geoscience content later
  • Entails an independent project similar to what teachers will later expect their students to carry out.

Summer Workshop Related Materials:

  • Summer Workshop Announcement Flyer (PDF 22K)
  • Summer Workshop Syllabus and Class Schedule (PDF 81K)
  • Summer Workshop Daily Journal by Tom McKenna (PDF 587K)
Teachers studying geology
Teachers on a glacier