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Online Course

Online Course for Teachers (Fall semester: August to December)

  • This web-based course provides 3 lower division college credits
  • Course number/Title is: ED 593 Earth System Science Essentials for EDGE Teachers
  • Teachers gain additional content knowledge and concepts learned during the summer workshop are reinforced through weekly web lessons.
  • University faculty support the teachers as the teachers work with their respective students to implement GIS based projects through weekly audio conference.
  • Independent, self-paced learning and assessment continues with the help of DVD content lessons, textbooks assignments, and quizzes In cases where the teacher faces issues with technology failure or other unforeseen problems, EDGE project team visits the school to remediate the problem

Online. Course Related Materials:

  • List of Reading Material (PDF)
  • Library databases to search for science education articles (PDF 19K)
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Two teachers following online instructions