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Other GIS teacher training efforts in Alaska

  • Alaska Space Grant Sponsored Summer GIS Courses
    Teacher training courses were offered at UAF in summer 2004 and 2005. Experience gained from this effort and the success of these courses formed the foundation for the NSF EDGE program.

Selected geospatial data resources for Alaska

  • Alaska State Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
    The State of Alaska's geospatial clearinghouse. Many of the datasets have statewide extents, and some are limited to certain regions, so read the metadata before downloading.
  • Geographic Information Network of Alaska
    University of Alaska's framework for organizing and sharing geographic data and technology among Alaska, the arctic and world communities.
  • US Forest Service Geospatial Clearinghouse
    USFS spatial data clearinghouse provides access to Cartographic Feature Files (CFF) in vector format. CFFs were used to create many of the topographic maps used on national forests.

Other GIS and related resources

  • Juneau GIS Users' Group
    Homepage of local GIS users' group.
  • ESRI Support Center
    If you are using ESRI products, you should bookmark this site. It is full of information for solving technical problems, and has a very active user community.
  • ESRI GIS Glossary
    The glossary is helpful when you don't understand the terms used in the help menu or other technical information.
  • Glossary of Cartographic Terms
    Another good source for definitions.
  • Metadata in Plain Language
    Metadata is a critical component of good spatial data, but it isn't always easy to decipher. This site 'translates' FGDC standard metadata into a more readable format.